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Cover of the day: Jackson Sisters – Why do fools fall in love

Jackson Sisters

The Jackson Sisters - Made Mojo's top 10 list of colour blind all-female groups

I rediscovered this chunk of catchy soulful-disco whilst digging through a neglected box of vinyl in my garage over the weekend and it’s been stuck in my head since!

This was originally recorded by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers in 1956 (Frankie was a teenager himself when recorded so not as dodgy as it sounds ).  Amazingly the original only reached no.6 in the billboard charts at the time but remains a wedding dj favourite (usually played after the happy couple have fucked him/her off by asking for anything by Robbie Williams).

Frankie died of a heroin overdose aged just 25 but not before establishing a template for success followed by future child prodigies Stevie Wonder, Mickey Jackson and S-Club Juniors.

Testicle-twisting versions

There are quite a few dodgy cover versions of the track kicking around, including a bollock-wrenching rendition from the Beach boys and a passable 80’s-buddy-movie-soundtrack-esque version by Supremes hard man Diana Ross.

And if you thought his version of ‘Sweets for my sweet’ warranted a nasty case of diabetes you should listen to C.J Lewis’s slaughtering of this track on Spotify.

The Jackson Sisters version was released on their first and only (I think?) self-titled album.  They’re most well known for the rare-groove classic ‘I Believe in Miracles’ but they inject some  disco in to this great cover version.  My vinyl version has a lovely crackle – courtesy of years of abuse at my hands – that really adds to the track, for me.  Unfortunately I haven’t recorded my version to mp3 yet so you’ll have to make do with this version courtesy of youtube:

No she-males

The sisters were not the female sisters of the Jackson 5  (Janet, Rebbie) and didn’t include Jackson she-male LaToya.  They were: Jacqueline Jackson-Rencher, Lyn Jackson, Pat Jackson, Rae Jackson and Gennie Jackson who recorded on Tiger Lily Records (same label as Richard Pryor).

I’m fairly sure this Jackson Sisters version  appears  as a sample on The Avalanches fantastic first album, but I may be wrong.

P.S – I realise I haven’t updated this blog for ages but hope to add a few more posts this week and next as I’ve dug out some classic covers.  If I get my act together there might even be a mix to upload!


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