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Red Stripes at the ready…

Notting Hill Carnival

That'll be £12 please

It’s Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. 30 years of Norman Jay’s Good Times at carnival as well, so I’m gutted I can’t make it.

To console myself, I’ve been pulling out some tracks for a special  carnival mix to be posted here over the next couple of days.

I’ll then be playing it all day Sunday and Monday while putting £4 in a bin every time I open a can of Red Stripe and asking an aggressive stranger to charge me £3 every time I need a piss. Just like being there. But with less 15-year-olds  on coke sporting ridiculous caps. I hope.

So far, I’m thinking old skool hip hop, including EPMD and Young MC; some big dancehall tunes (shabba); classic jungle (Shy FX etc); a few party cover versions; maybe even some dubstep for the ladies…

Let me know your suggestions for carnival classics to be included via comments below.


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