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Latest show now on Mixcloud

BrassrootsThe latest mix of covers, funk, soul and reggae is now available for your listening pleasure on Mixcloud – listen here.

As the last couple of funky covers mixes have been pretty laid back affairs I’ve kicked this week’s off with a an absolute banger.

If you’ve never heard of Brassroots you’re in for a treat. A brass band in the mould of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble they’ve knocked out great versions of cover version staples including Karma Police and Seven Nation Army. Their version of Good Life starts off as a toe tapper but soon builds up pace.

From brass we go reggae with a couple of classics including Eek-a-Mouse’s ‘Wa Do Dem’ a great cover of The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’ and one of the strangest reggae covers in my collection – Tom Jones’ ‘Delilah’ covered by friend of Massive Attack Horace Andy!

Horace is playing this year’s Big Chill – I hope to see him there as he was due to play a few year’s back but didn’t. Crack may or may not have been involved!

We’ve then got a reggae/dub version of Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness’, a handful of funky mash-ups including a funky Adele remix. And even some House of Pain, Kriss Kross and Public Enemy samples for good measure.

To end, a couple of chilled out tracks from the new Good Times album from Notting Hill Carnival Stalwart Norman Jay MBE. Norman has announced this week that his famed bus won’t be parking itself in Notting Hill this August bank holiday weekend for the first time in 30 years. Help support him in funding next year by buying the album here. 

So many great tracks on the album but I’ve opted for one that reminds me of my childhood. ‘Ghetto Disco’ brings back memories of my teenage years, growing up in the deepest darkest hood in a small leafy rural village called Sandhurst  in Gloucestershire. That school disco was rough.

Full tracklisting can be found at Mixcloud. Listen to the show here.

Next mix will be out in a fortnight with a distinctly summery feel.


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Finally, the Big Chill covers mix is up!

Big Chill festival 2009

Big Chill festival 2009

A week (and several technical hitches) later than planned the Big Chill mix is now up and ready to be downloaded for your listening pleasure via the link below. 19 tracks in a 60-minute eclectic mix of cover versions.

As promised the tracks are (very) loosely grouped around a Big Chill festival theme.  I’ve quickly explained the reasons for each tracks inclusion below. The next mix will be up Sunday 27th Sept am and by then I hope to resolve the mixer/microphone issues that have made this weeks sans my random commentary.


Cover it up soundsystem – Big Chill 2009 mix mp3

(right click on link above and select save as to download directly)

1 – Don’t look back in Anger – Carleen Anderson

Norman Jay opened his Sunday afternoon Big Chill set with this Oasis cover version and it sounded great (see previous post for the youtube video).

I heard a couple of cricket savvy DJs drop this one over the weekend…

2 – Soul limbo – Byron Lee & the Dragonaires

Alice Russell performed on the Castle stage on Saturday night and her set included a cover version of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. I was going to include that but then remembered this great cover version of The White Stripes classic…

3 – Seven nation army – Alice Russell (ft Nostalgia 77)
Which leads nicely in to this cover of scary-faced welsh diva Duffy’s hit…
4 – Mercy – The Third degree
… which was played by Greg Wilson and Craig Charles amongst others

One of my festival highlights this year was seeing reggae legend Max Romeo on Sunday afternoon. For many he is most famous for this track which was heavily sampled by the Prodigy for ‘Outta space’…

5 – Chase the devil – Max Romeo
…but ‘War inna Babylon’ isn’t too shoddy either!

Talking of Craig Charles, his Saturday afternoon Funk and Soul set was packed full of cover versions including this…

6 – Sympathy for the devil – Sandie Shaw

Basement Jaxx’s Friday headline set seems to have got mixed reviews on the forums but I really enjoyed it. Friday night headliners should, to quote Pink, get the party started. That’s what they did and I’m fairly sure they played this Romeo vs the clash mash-up…
7 – Magnificent Romeo – Basement Jaxx
…They also played a great remix of Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon but I think it was their own version as I can’t find it anywhere. So this will have to do…
8 – Sex on Fire (Richard Sharkey mix) – Kings of Leon

I only caught a bit of Orbital, saturday’s main stage headliners, but this went down well…
9 – Dr Who – Orbital
So, after mixing a few tracks with a strong Big Chill connection I got distracted and a little self-indulgent! Which means I have to some how link this three track musical interlude back to the Big Chill. Ok, here goes…

Random link no.1 – The weather at the festival was really good all weekend which meant plenty of summery themed tracks being played so, ahem… cue a mini-summer-themed-reggae-cover-mix

A couple of years ago, Horace Andy was due to play at the Big Chill’s saturday afternoon main stage reggae-fest. He didn’t show, he missed the sunshine…

10 – Ain’t no sunshine – Horace Andy

Random link no.2 –
But wait, the weather was good. Bring back the sun. Please…
11 – Here comes the sun – Dawn Penn
..no, no, no thank you Dawn.

Random link no.3 – I give up

12 – In the summertime – Winston Groovy (aka Billy Jack)

Right, back to the festival…

I caught a bit of this Baile Funk mayhem in the Coop tent…

13 – Berimbau – DJ Sandrinho
Random link no.4 – I missed Keb Darge’s sunday night set in Sailor Jerry’s rum bar. Damn, he might have played this cover version which was on a recent compilation he had out…
14 – Fever – Carlos & the Banditos
Obviously there were loads of Michael Jackson tracks, tributes and cover versions being played around the festival…
15 – Billie Jean – Sly & Robbie
Once again though, it was Norman Jay who played my favourite MJ track of the weekend…
16 – We’re almost there – Michael Jackson
My top cover of the Big Chill 2009 though (drum roll please) was this…
17 – Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Prince Fatty
…as played by a couple of djs in the reggae bar.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’d never heard this before so when I Spotified it I also came across this, possibly even better cover version of the Wu Tang classic..

18 – Shimmy Shimmy Ya – El Michels Affair
…but which ones best – there’s only one way to find out…FIGHT!

Picking the final tune was easy. Two years ago I was lucky enough to see Isaac Hayes at the Big Chill. His back catalogue includes several great cover versions including this…

19 – Never can say goodbye – Isaac Hayes

And that’s all folks. I hope you enjoy the mix and come back next Sunday for the next one. I’ll tweet details of the main theme and previews of the track list over the next few days.

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Battle of the shimmy shimmies…

Prince Fatty - Shimmy shimmy ya!

Prince Fatty - Shimmy shimmy ya!

Spotify and Shazam – I am not worthy!

I heard a great cover of ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’  (originally by the Wu Tang Clan) being played a couple of times by DJs at the Big Chill.  At the time I Shazam-ed it and found out it was by Prince Fatty on Mr Bongo records. 

Being lazy, when I got home I searched Spotify for ‘Shimmy’ and as well as finding his heavy reggae cover (read my reggae cover club post for details of my obsession with these mofos…) I came across the El Michel Affair’s version sung by – as far as I can make out – a kid’s choir (lil’ dirty bastards, if you will).

Needless to say these two babies will be in the Big Chill Mix I’ll be posting on Sunday.  If you’re too impatient to wait here are some ‘videos’ courtesy of youtube:

Prince Fatty:

El Michels Affair:

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Big Chill festival covers special…

Coming soon... Big Chill Festival covers mix

Coming soon... Big Chill 2009 cover versions mix

The first of the regular cover version mixes after the summer break will be themed around The Big Chill festival.

It was a bit of a different festival experience for me this year as we took our 1 year old daughter along but it was as enjoyable as ever.  My highlights included Max Romeo’s memorable sunday afternoon set, Dennis Bovell’s Dub Band, Amadou and Mariam, Alice Russell and Craig Charles’ saturday lunchtime DJ set.

Norman Jay’s sunday lunchtime set (and yes, the sun was shining)  started with a great cover version I hope to include in the mix.  Basement Jaxx had mixed reviews from elsewhere but I thought they were great.  Full of energy and perfect for the Friday night headliner slot to set the tone for the weekend.

I’ll post the 60-minute mix next sunday morning (fortnightly sundays as usual) but by way of a sneak preview expect a few cover versions played at the festival as well as a couple from previous years.  I’ll post previews of tracks featured over the next couple of days.

In the mean time, add your comments below to suggest any covers you heard during the festival season.

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New covers season about to kick off…

The regular fortnightly Cover It Up Soundsystem! mixes/podcasts will kick off again from next week after an extended summer break.

If you’re wondering where the old mixes have gone, I’ve cleared out the archives to make some space for some new mixes. 

I’ve had a good summer transfer market, picking up plenty of great new cover versions and feel like I’ve got a strong squad.  I’m optimistic if we pull together we could make Europe this year…

The formation…

Expect the usual 4-4-2 with a solid reggae and soul cover version back line, some dynamic drum and bass remixes and bootleg maestros in the middle of the park and a few random oddities taking their chances up front. 

As usual I’ll post some previews of the tracks I plan to include over the next few days with a bit of background info as I decide the tracklisting.  The final team sheet will be posted with the mix next Sunday.

Feedback needed – radio-style commentary or just a plain old mix

As a trial I’m planning on posting two versions of each mix – one with my usual ramblings about the tracks played and one sans commentary for your listening pleasure.  Let me know which you prefer by adding your comments and I’ll make a decision which one to run with in the future.

Who are ya?

For those new to The Cover It Up Soundsystem! I post a regular hour-long mix every other Sunday morning featuring regular features such as battle of the covers, theme tune re-tune, remix of the week and the ever popular shite cover of the week.  I also try to include a non-covers mix of the recent internet discoveries and charity shop finds that are floating my boat.  Follow me on Twitter to receive alerts when the mix/new posts/live dates etc are added.

Check out the about us page for more info and look out for us at upcoming gigs throughout the South West, London and wherever else I get invited to play. 

And finally…

I’m looking for a new internet radio home for the eclectic Cover It Up Soundsystem! show.  If you have or know of any free regular slots on a suitable station  please get in touch.

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