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Opening track for the big chill mix…

Carleen Anderson

Carleen Anderson

This was an easy pick – Carleen Anderson’s version of Oasis’s Don’t look back in anger.

Norman Jay opened his Big Chill set with it and if it’s good enough for him… and with Oasis’s latest bust-up this week it seemed a perfect opening track.

To set the scene, for those that weren’t there when Norman played it, the sun was shining, the main stage was heaving and it sounded fantastic on the sound system.

Carleen Anderson, the step-daughter of Bobby Byrd, is most well known as being the lead singer of the Young Disciples but this is a powerful, emotion filled version of the Oasis classic.

The mix will be posted next Sunday am.  I’ll post a couple more previews before then.

Buy the MP3 here – Don’t Look Back In Anger (Live)


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